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Ultra Shield Technology has grown tremendously to deliver the full range of Website, Web Based Software, Mobile Application, Digital Marketing and Technical Support .

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Ultra Shield Technology

About Us

The approach towards the goal makes the destiny even simpler to achieve. Ultra Shield Technology is IT Company based in USA and CANADA. The major goal of our company involves is to provide an end to end customer satisfaction with the solution to all there complex problems.

Our Vision

We aspire to be one of the leading IT services provider in the world. Providing the top class environment for the Website ,Software, Mobile Application and Digital Marketing. Ultra Shield Technology’s vision is to lead the world in the field of the IT Sector.

Our Mission

Understanding customer’s unique need and offering them what they desire is our first priority. Our mission involves delivering quality work in order to attain a reputation around the world in the field of Information Technologies and related services.

Meet the Team
Meet our awesome team of the web developers and the designers who come together as a team to make your website experience much easier and hassle free. Our team comes together to ensure that the quality work has been delivered in Time.
Designing | Uploading | Marketing | Maintenance
Website development broadly refers with developing website for hosting via internet.

Under website development includes web design, web content development, client side scripting or server side scripting or many other tasks. Website development also refers to the web development. Website development is a coding part that enables websites functionality according to the client’s requirement Website development splits into two categories- front end development and back end development. The front end website development is the code responsible for determining how the website will actually display on the screen. And backend website development is responsible for managing data within the database and serving that data to the front end to be displayed.

Our Skills
Java Script  
Customized Software
Customized softwares according to business

Customized Software can be termed as the tailored software according to meet the demands of the particular organization or the business meets of the people. Since last 25 years the demand of the customized software in the field of the IT is being booming in the market and it is ruling the field of the IT sector.
The customized software’s are being ranged and priced according to the demands of the particular business trades .These Custom made software are readily prepared in order to carry out the various operations in accordance with the organizational needs. They are readily prepared for operational skills ranging from small scale to the large scale organization or the business property..

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    Earlier the software’s

    were being customized in order to meet the requirement of the particular vendor and keeping in mind that the software is readily prepared to be operated on the desktop but according to the trending market the customized software has to be totally mobile oriented as well as desktop oriented.

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    The recent trends in the market

    state that the demand for the mobile oriented customized software has recently increased with the increase of world of the mobile phones. The impact of the mobile phones has largely affected the world of the mobile networks.

Digital Marketing

Since the technologies and the digital world is improving day by day making huge impact on the daily lives of the human beings. The digital world has evolved much quickly in past decades. From television to the world of the desktop and mobile digital world has slowly became the part of the human world. With the invention of the devices such as the television people got the source of entertainment but the major thing came with this invention was advertisements were being shown to the public in the form of the commercials. Earlier the major source of advertisement were newspapers and they still are but in the recent trends digital marketing has made a huge progression in terms of the marketing a particular brand or product.

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Rank on the Search Engines

If you have a website you need it to be found on Google or any kind of search engines. We help you to achieve this task. Ultra Shield Technology’s team has every tool and expertise available to do this task. We know how to optimize the website, what needs to be done on On Page and what is necessary for Off Page. We will help your business to be found on internet and come on top ranks on the Search Engines.

Business Social Media

SMO the term represent how to optimize your business on various social media platforms. Today social media has become obsession.Ultra Shield Technology’s team has all the expertise to spread your business on all the social media platform like facebook, twitter, Google Plus etc. We know what content to write, what image should be selected or what pages should be used to share the content.

Mobile App development

We are emerging mobile app Development Company

Mobiles are the necessary part of our life. Now we can’t imagine our lives without a mobile phone. With the evaluation of mobiles as a smartphone. Mobile app market has become a huge market. It is well know that the need and demand of Mobile application has increased in every type of business. And to help with that, we become your partner to develop and design the mobile application. We are the top notch mobile app development company providing android, iPhone and iPad application.

Customized Mobile App

We have a creative team of mobile app developers who would accomplish your individual demand and also will fulfil the business needs. Our developers are equipped with latest tools and technology. So that they can provide you highly customized mobile app for customer’s need and enterprise standard. The past experience and previous work of our company shows of our talent in mobile app development.


Our company has grown tremendously to deliver the full range of application for android. We have a notable presence as mobile development company providing modern and interactive interface for every types of mobile devices.


Our team has not left any space untouched in terms of technology and experience. We are experienced to cope with the evolving demand and need of latest IOS users. We are standing in a position where we can say that we have all which will help industry provide the latest IOS application.

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